Maximizing Revenue

The Tapsell platform operates based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Tapsell’s targeted advertising is displayed to the intended audience at the most opportune time and on the most suitable medium. This results in maximizing revenue for every medium.

Transparency in Collaboration

Honesty and transparency form the foundation of Tapsell’s collaboration with Iranian website owners. Tapsell’s platform and the Tapsell publisher panel are designed in a way that each of our publishers can meticulously observe the revenue generation process of their website.

Preservation of User Experience

Tapsell enhances user experience on every website by displaying high-quality advertisements that seamlessly integrate with the content and aesthetics of the website. Displaying advertisements in accordance with Tapsell’s guidelines does not compromise the user experience of websites.

Provision of Analytical User Statistics

The Tapsell panel is designed to allow publishers to observe user statistics and behavior on their websites in great detail, including factors such as operator, browser, device, or operating system. This enables publishers to gain a deeper understanding of their users.

Detailed Financial and Transaction Information

Tapsell publishers can conveniently access and review financial details of their website’s revenue generation at various time intervals through the panel. Additionally, our experts in the publisher development department can assist in enhancing per-click revenue for each medium.

Monitoring Ad Display

Publishers can easily exercise full control over the advertising content displayed on their website through the Tapsell panel. They can approve or disapprove of content with ease.

Tapsell SDK

The Tapsel platform offers a wide range of SDKs. Whether your application is for Android or iOS, built with Unity or B4A, Tapsel provides you with a dedicated SDK that enables you to easily integrate Tapsel into any type of application at your disposal. You can effortlessly implement the Tapsel SDK into your application and generate revenue through advertising. Furthermore, Tapsel’s publisher relations team is available from the very beginning of SDK integration to assist you in achieving optimal implementation, ensuring that you maximize your advertising potential without compromising the user experience and ultimately gain the highest profits from advertising.

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