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Rewarded Video Ads

Rewarded video ads, engage users to watch a video ad by rewarding them with in-app goodies. Users will only receive their goodies if they view the ad from start to end and will be notified in case of refusal. The completion rate of this ad type is very high, effectively increasing eCPM.

Interstitial Web View Ads

In this ad type, full-screen interactive banners are displayed to users while they interact with an application. In this type, the ads are displayed to the users in specific places of the app and the user has the option to cancel the ad after 5 seconds. Since the user has no choice on whether the ad is shown, the main advantage of Interstitial ads is their high adoption rate. However, this ad type has a lower completion rate which can be resolved by creative implementation.

Interstitial Video Ads

Video is one of the most attractive forms for user attraction. If displayed in the right place and time, it can be very effective. Interstitial videos allow the publisher to display ads when the user is most attentive, thus increasing ad effectiveness.

Pre-roll Ads

This ad type is suitable for websites or applications that have video content, especially short under 2 min videos. In this type, a very short video is shown before the main video and the publisher receives income based on number of views.

Native Banner Ads

The main goal of native banner ads is to showcase banner ads in a consistent format with the content between which it appears. This preserves the visual integrity of the media while providing a new revenue stream for media owners. The main advantage of native ads is attracting users’ attention while improving users’ experience. Tapsell provides both native video and native banner ads.

Native Video Ads

Many viewers dislike video ads that disrupt their normal app experience. Native video ads preserve the form within which they appear avoiding any harm to the app’s original UX.

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