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Rewarded Video Ad

 Users themselves will choose to watch a certain video and gain some reward.

What is eCPM?

The average revenue that each developer earns by each 1000 complete view of a video advertisement is called effective cost per Mille (eCPM). This analyses the quality of running an advertisement on an application and considers its optimal state. If running the advertisement in an application is in a way that most of users like them. In other words, campaign goals are met by the last click of the user, installing the app, using the discount code and etc. then the cost of showing an advertisement in that application and its mille revenue will be more. 

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Tapsell’s SDK

Tapsell has many SDKs. If your application is android or ios or made by Unity or B4A, Tapsell will give you the special SDK so that you can easily use it with any application that you have and run it in your application. Also Tapsell’s Publishers team are with you right at the beginning to run the SDK in the optimal way, without any damage given to your practical experience with the access to the most capacity and earn the most from advertising.

Learn more about SDK and how to launch it!

Why Tapsell?


Diversity in Ads

Don’t worry about the shortage of ads anymore. With Tapsell, more than 500 advertisers are competing for your ad place.


Increase User Retention

Tapsell’s team is here to help. We’ve analyzed Tapsell’s highest grossing publishers and we’re eager to share with you what we learned. Tapsell’s team is available to help you implement ads in a way that not only increases your ad revenue but also user retention and IAP.


Different SDKs with 24/7 Support

Tapsell is everyone’s cup of tea. We have an SDK for everyone and an always available technical support team: Android, iOS Unity, B4A. We have an SDK for you and an always available technical support tea

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