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Tapsell Policy

  1. Signing up in the panel is regarded as accepting all of Tapsell’s rules and regulations.
  2. Tapsell as an Iranian website is accorded with the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and obeys the Laws on cybercrime and e-commerce.
  3. Ownership of signing up in the panel only belongs to you and you are not allowed to share it with other people or companies.
  4. Tapsell can change the rules and regulations. The changes will be announced in this page and financial changes will not affect the previous deals.
  5. Financial and non-financial information of the media owners, the advertiser and the user is confidential and Tapsell guarantees to stand by secrecy rules and remain professional and never give them to any person or organization except for the verdict of court of justice.
  6. Tapsell can stop its services temporarily or permanently according to its policy.
  7. Small lack of credit related to any of the items in this page or discrepancy in action with the rules or due to the commands of related organizations does not remove the credit for the rest of the terms.
  8. Not exercising any of the contents given in this page, will not lose their exercising credit in the future.
  9. Any difference in interpretation, violation and acting the terms of this page, in case they were not solved by mutually acceptable Judge, will be investigated by relevant judicial authorities and the given command should be followed by both parties.
  1. Displaying ads on a media owner’s application would be possible if only the media owner has done all the necessary changes based on the manual.
  2. If the media owner does any fraud related to video displaying or in any other part and trample the user or the advertiser rights, Tapsell has the jurisdiction to close the transgressive media account forever. In this regard Tapsell will confiscate all the account balance.
  3. Paying up is done every 24 th of the month and the incomes are paid to the media owners during maximum 5 days. Only those media owners who have entered their Shaba account number in Tapsell’s panel until the end of the 9 th working day of each month are paid. The responsibility of wrong Shaba number is on the media owner. Additionally, credits less than 50,000 tomans are paid at the end of each year.
  4. In order to keep the legal record of the official companies, media owners are obliged to print two copies of their invoices which is in panel of Tapsell and send it to Tapsell company: if the sign up has been done as a natural person, the seller section has to be filled with the name and signature of that account owner and if the sign up has been done by a legal person, the seller section has to be signed and sealed by the company.
  5. Tapsell has no responsibility regarding the products, services and contents of the application of the media owners and cooperating with them does not signify any approval.
  6. All the rights related to an ad belongs to the advertiser. Tapsell and media owner have their rights only to limit of the rules and regulations stated in this page.
  1. In order to display the ads, the rights need to belong to the owner of the ad.
  2. All the ads are analyzed before they are shown to the users by Tapsell. Tapsell has the capability to reject or accept the ad.
  3. Ads with the conditions stated below are not displayable:          a. They are contradicted with the current law of Islamic republic of Iran                                                                                 b. They contain wrong or misleading contents that deceive the user                                                                                     c. It contains horror or harrowing pictures                               d. It has low-quality or irritating appearance                               e. Their end link is not credible or unofficial (belongs to a personal website or…                                                               f. It may have other unauthorized problems not mentioned above.
  4. Tapsell is permitted to deactivate an ad or stop it and the advertiser must bear the responsibility of any loss.
  5. Tapsell does not shoulder any responsibility about the products, services and contents of the ads of the advertisers’ goals and expectations, therefore, displaying their ads does not signify any approval.
  6. Advertiser agrees that Tapsell can change the prices based on its tariffs under any circumstances, according to its policy.
  7. Advertiser can deactivate his ad on his own free will and there will be no limitation in the time of displaying the ad.
  8. After charging the account, if Tapsell wants to give up providing services due to any reason, the money will be completely restored.
  9. If before launching the ad, the advertiser wants to receive his money back, he can have it back completely. Paying up is done at the end of 20 th of each month and the money will be paid to the advertisers during maximum 5 days. Only those advertisers that have announced payback request in [email protected] and entered their Shaba number in Tapsell’s panel until the end of the 9 th working day of each month are paid. The responsibility of wrong Shaba number is on the advertiser.
  10. In case the ad is on active mode and the advertiser wants to draw his money back, at first the ad must be stopped and then he should act based on clause number 9. It is apparent that the money spent on the run campaign will be deducted from the total and according to clause number 9 the money will be sent back to his account.

For the sake of privacy preserving, Tapsell guarantees that no financial and non-financial information of the users, media owners and advertisers will be handed to any individual or organization except for a judicial order. Information that are received from media owners and advertisers while signing up in the panel and the reason behind it is as follow:

  • First name and Last name: it can belong to a natural or a legal person. It is used to indicate to the information related to you and it has no other use.
  • Email: to distinguish each person in the website from the other, sign up confirmation and to send the upcoming information and it is used as a means of connection. The email will not be given to any other individual or company.
  • Phone number: to facilitate and accelerate connection if needed on emergency occasions.
  • IP: to prevent from common frauds in websites and maintain secure in panel of Tapsell, we analyze visitors IP address for a short time and after that the IP will not be saved anywhere else.

Information that that are received from users to do a goal-based advertising while the ads are running are as follow:

  • Name of the mobile network operator: (Irancell, MTC or Rightel)
  • Internet connection mode (mobile network operator internet, wireless, Wi-Fi and etc.)
  • Operating system
  • Location with the strength of about 400 square meters
  • Name of the mobile production company, model and its code
  • Language of the mobile phone
  • Resolution and density of the screen

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