Tapsell Frequency Questions

Tapsell as the biggest ad network agency in digital marketing in Iran, has the most variety and number in advertisement, the highest percentage of existence of ads, the highest eCPM, the effective and standing online support service, the rapid responding and innovation and frequent development. This causes the publishers to cooperate with Tapsell based on international criteria. Also, Tapsell’s collaborators are the ambassador and the credit for this network

There is no limit for publishers’ income. According to the number of displayed ads and also the publishers’ effective income, per mille of their income is calculated and paid.

There is no limit in showing the ads to the user and you can set the ad zone but displaying the ad more than once to a user would reduce eCPM, consequently decrease publisher’s income. This can also damage the practical experience of the media.

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Paying publishers’ income model

Encouraging the user or giving incentives to click or install or applying uncommon methods in displaying the ads like push notification, displaying the ad out of the application’s environment or using simulator with unreal users are considered fraud.

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