What do we do in Tapsell?

Tapsell, Pegah Dadekavan Sharif’s subsidiary, is an advertising network agency that started to work for the first time in Iran in 2015 by CPCV and in-app services, later it extended its services in variety of KPIs in digital advertising. Today, by achieving millions of active subscribers and a large domain of digital media, Tapsell has built trust among the brands from Iran and all around the world.

Our Teams

Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing team are in contact with advertisers. They give counsels with the least possible cost to promote their brand.

Customer Service

Our customer service observes the  advertising campaigns at Tapsell all the time so that they are let to success.


Our engineering team constantly tries to improve our services according to the latest developments in the world so that developers and advertisers get what they deserve.


Our content team teaches digital marketing skills for free by publishing different contents in College of Tapsell.


Our creative team will start from coming up with ideas until creating outstanding contents for advertising campaigns.


Our media team is connected with publishers in Tapsell in order to implement Tapsell’s SDK in their media better, so that they will attain stable revenue.

We are Tapsell!

More than 2 years ago we were 4 when we entered mobile video advertising and it was the first time that mobile video advertising was happening in Iran.

Now we are nearly 50, working in different teams in Tapsell and every day we start fresh and new, better than yesterday.

Join us!

Send your resume if you aspire to be in one of our teams and experience the joy of working in an animated and dynamic environment.

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